DistribAire, Inc.
5821 Beverlyhill St
Houston, TX 77057


Product / Manufacturer Line Card

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Exclusive DistribAire Manufacturers

Acme - AMCA Certified Commercial, Kitchen and Industrial Fans, Blowers and Ventilators
Acutherm - Thermally Powered VAV Diffusers
Aerosonics, Inc. - Sound Attenuators, Sound Panels, Sound Enclosures
Ampco - Venting systems for chimneys, grease duct, engine and turbine exhaust
Cambridge Engineering - Gas Fired Make-up Air Units
ClimateCraft - Custom Air Handling Units including FanMatrix Systems Technology
Donco Air Products - Air Distribution Devices and Accessories
Ductsox - Fabric Air Dispersion Products
Firespray International - Flamebar Fire Rated Ductwork Coating
GreaseMaster - Kitchen Hoods and Ventilation Equipment
Humidity Source - Humidifiers
Lumalier - UV Air and Surface Disinfection
Metropolitan Air Technology, Inc. - Cable Operated Damper Systems
MK Plastics - Fume Exhaust Fans, FRP Fans
National Systems of Garage Ventilation - Auto Shop Exhaust Systems, Welding Fume Exhaust Systems
Peerless Blower  -  Centrifugal Inline Fans and Blowers
Penn Barry - Fans - Centrifugal, Axial, Roof, Vent Sets, Blowers, Roof Ventilators - Supply & Exhaust - ERV's
Powered Aire - Stainless Steel Air Curtains and Air Doors
Precision Air Products - Critical Environment Diffusers and Integrated Ceiling Systems
Raywall - Electric Unit Heaters, Baseboard Heaters, Electric Duct Heaters, Infra-Red Heaters
Ruskin Manufacturing - Fire, Smoke, and Control Dampers, UL Ceiling Radiation Dampers, Sheet metal Access Doors, Industrial / Commercial Control Dampers, Architectural Louvers and Screens
Ruskin Sound Control - Sound Attenuators and Sound Panels
Spunstrand - Fiberglass Reinforced Duct, Dampers and Fittings
Sternvent - Dust Collectors
Titus - Terminal Units, Grilles, Registers, Diffusers, specialty environmental Diffusers, Architectural Diffusers, Security Grilles, Operating Room Systems, Fan & Coil Units, Small Air Handling Units
United Air Specialists - Dust Collection Systems
Waddell Engineering - Lab Control Valves

Other Manufacturers

Acudor - Architectural Access Doors, Roof Hatches
Air Concepts - Custom Air Diffusers
Aldes - Fans, Heat Recovery Units, Airflow Balancing Kits, Dehumidification Units
Al-Fab - Heat and Smoke Roof Vents, Roof Hatches
American CoolAir - Centrifugal Roof and Inline Fans,  Wall Prop Fans, Axial Roof and Duct Fans
Architectural Grille - Custom Designed, Fabricated and Finished Grilles
Atco Manufacturing - Omni Air Flexible Duct
Captive-Aire Systems - Kitchen Hoods and Ventilation Equipment
Complete Curb, Inc. - Roof Curbs, Equipment Supports, Roof Ventilators Supply and Exhaust
Custom Curb, Inc. - Roof Curbs, Expansion Joint, Equipment Supports, Heat and Smoke Vents, Roof Scuttles, Skylights, Drop Diffuser Systems
Dace Manufacturing - Ductboard Collars, Square to Round Adapters, Round to Round Adapters, Extractors, Spin in Fittings
Delhi - Centrifugal Fans; Vent Sets, Inline, Roof Supply Fans
Flexeaze - Aluminum Flex Duct
Flexmaster - Flexible Duct Manufacturer
Gripple - Cable hanger Kits for HVAC, mechanical and Electrical Equipment
Heatcraft - Chilled Water Coils, Hot Water coils and Steam Coils
Kees, Inc. - Architectural Brass & Stainless Steel Grilles, Kitches Hoods, Ventilation Equipment, Security Products
M&M Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Single Wall Pipe, Insulated Register Boxes
Magic Aire - Fan & Coil Units, Small Air Handling Units
Mars Air Door - Air Curtains, Air Doors
Panasonic Fans - Energy Star Rated, Ultra Quiet Ceiling and Inline Fans
Sterling/Beacon Morris - Gas Fired Unit heaters, Duct Furnaces, Make-Up Air Units, Engineered Rooftop Furnaces, Hydronic Unit heaters, Finned-Tube Radiators, Convectors and Radiant Panels
Warren Technology - Electric Duct Heaters